Today we began our Creative Elements course which was an exciting yet nervous experience. Having had an introduction to the course the day before we were given a brief tutorial on how to use our notebooks and sketchbooks through out the year. It was interesting to learn how we can use a sketchbook alongside a notebook as I had always just scribbled my notes in my sketchbook causing it to look disorganized, or doodled in my notebook causing it to look messy.

The class was then split into teams of 4, in my group there was Bradley, Rose, Nuala and I, our first task was to ‘Build a World’. A world could be a planet, a habitat, a plane of existence, etc. The possibilities are endless. We had total freedom as long as we could translate our idea and build a world that could be developed from our ideas. With this in mind we began to brainstorm and ended up with a number of good ideas. When we were stuck we stuck to the advice ‘random works as well as any human intelligence‘.

It begins

After we had come up with around 60 or so ideas, each group presented some of their ideas. This helped us to weed out cliched ideas and build upon each teams more original concepts. Once we had  looked at other teams work for inspiration, our group returned to brainstorming and eliminated our least favourite ideas. Each of us then choose 8 or so ideas each which will then research individually and come back with 10 ideas for each of our chosen ideas.

The ideas which I have chosen to elaborate on are:

  • 9 Circles of Hell
  • Inside a Star
  • Maze
  • Shattered
  • Hourglass
  • Energy
  • Nightmare

The reason I did not choose 10 ideas was because we completed brainstorming for 4 ideas before we left for the evening, 2 of which I had chosen.

I am extremely excited to continue working on this project over the next few weeks. We shall be changing teams and experiencing new difficulties for each new world we are introduced to whilst training our ability to adapt and meet new people.


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