Today, we had our second life drawing class, unfortunately the foundation students were using the model again so we settled for our own room again.

We began by Micheal coming around an looking at all of our work. He told me that despite knowing the basics of perspective, because I didn’t draw a horizon line in a lot of my drawings they just looked as though they were floating there and as such it was harder to take on more dynamic perspectives or add any weight to the objects. He then proceeded to draw a scene for me as an example, explaining how the horizon line adds weight and realism to the shapes.

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Michael then showed us character sheets from shows that he has worked on and other movies. He explained to us the importance of understanding perspective when it came to characters as the characters always had to look the same no matter who was drawing it. In order for this to be achieved there had to be a level of understanding in terms of perspective and scale.

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We then used volunteers from the class for drawing the human form. We were told to include the table the were leaning on as the horizon line.

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Our homework for next week is to practice drawing Winnie the Pooh from character sheets and see if we can get him to look the same each time.


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