Today we met up to start building and designing our characters after having finalized our world’s concept.

Character designs (Blue are mine, red are Nuala’s)

Going with the theme of the seven colours we decided to look at the Seven Deadly Sins and relate a colour to each of them. This would give us a basis on which to build our characters on:

Red (Wrath): Anger, Passion, Fire, Power, Blood, Courage

Orange (Gluttony): Joy, Sunshine, Tropical, Enthusiasm, Determination, Attraction, Hot, Fall, Healthiness

Yellow (Greed): Sunshine, Joy, Happiness, Intellect and Energy, Warming, Unstable, Spontaneous

Green (Envy): Naive, Growth, Fresh, Fertility, Money, Stability, Safety, Jealousy

Blue (Sloth): Calm, Depth and Stability, Loyalty, Confidence, Heaven, Tranquility

Indigo (Lust): Intuition, Perception and the Higher Mind, Powerful, Dignified

Violet (Pride): Nobility, Luxury, Extravagance, Wisdom, Mystery, Peace, Dignity, Grandeur

With these qualities in mind we began to think about their appearances:

Wrath: Sharp, Top Heavy, Angry, Headstrong, Glow from head, Crystals are sharp and carries weapons, Bones

Lust: Hourglass, Sway, Runway, Seductive, Sleek edges, Vain, Silk, Glow from groin

Gluttony: Fat, Circle, Little legs, Bellies, Very little clothing, Most glow from stomach, Arched back

Sloth: Hunched over, crystals are sliding, Comma shape, Dragging, Glow from stomach

Envy: Crystals glow from neck, Tallest, Snake-like, Gangly Limbs, Sharp

Greed: Big Chest, Long Arms, Tall, Threatening, Soft, Small legs, Bull/Gorilla, Glow from Head

Pride: Straight back, Short, Wrath, Confident, Tall crytsal, Can glow from chest or head.

You may have noticed that I have only mentioned the civilians of the seven domes thus far, the underground characters are different. Having been shunned from society and cast away due to their mutations, their design was interesting to think about:

Underground: Charred bones, Translucent skin, Covered up, Glow from all over, Multicoloured glow, Bandages, Loss of limbs

We have also come up with basic shapes for each character. We have decided to take four of the eight characters and create concept art and a line up of these four characters. The characters we decided on were: Wrath, Gluttony, Lust and Underground. I also suggested several artists, shows and games for inspiration:

Matt Nava (Journey), Rebecca Sugar (Steven Universe), Princess Mononoké, Fran Bow, Mad Max, Tim Burton and Gorillaz.

Basic Shapes

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