Today marked the final day of our teams before we got split up so we decided to finalise our four character designs. Two common themes we wished for each character to have were: the bigger the crystal the higher up in society they are and that there is no real difference in appearance between the genders, so all beings are androgynous.

We decided on using my design for Lust as we liked the ambiguity and elegant simplicity of the shapes and details that we had added. Lust is 6 heads tall, glows from the groin, has cat like eyes,  translucent skin and a scarf which barely covers more delicate areas.

My design for Lust

We used Clare‘s design for Gluttony as we loved the jolly, plump appearance, yet the lack of clothing shows the creatures vanity. Gluttony is 7 heads tall, glows from the belly, has smiling eyes, is too fat to be translucent and a scarf which covers nothing, they are proud of their body.

A drawing of Gluttony based after Clare’s Design

We decided on Nuala‘s design for Wrath as we liked how war-like a complex the design was whilst retaining a blunt simplicity to the drawing style. Wrath is 8 heads tall, glows from the head, armour hides their translucent skin with a sash tied around their waist, has serious eyes and carries weapons, including a shield and flag.

A drawing of Nuala’s Wrath Design


Last but not least, we decided on David‘s design for the Underground people, we loved how small and helpless they looked in the line up in comparison to the other civilians and loved the contrast in their clothing. The Underground character is 4 heads tall, glows all over, looks down constantly, is bandaged to hide its deformed charred skin, they have no crystals and have lost eyes.

A drawing of David’s Outsider Design

I feel that we have worked very well together, coming up with a new world and four solid character designs, which look similar in art style and in appearance. I look forward to seeing what comes next for our group and this world.

A silhouette



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