Today started a new day where I had to explain and introduce Light World to a new team. My new team consists of Rose, Carla and Glenn.

Due to having an underdeveloped world, in terms of landscapes and still needing four more character designs I struggled a little with explaining the world. However, my team grew to understand through my use of my sketchbook and the notes I had made the previous week.

Our task this week is tonal work. We are to explore tone and composition using white, black and three mid tones. The advice that we were given that really stood out to me was, knowing when things are hard or soft, using warm and cool tones as separate levels, how to show the light source of your world,  and to think about how the image and lighting that you are using bring life to your world.

Since, we needed to develop the world’s story through characters, we decided to each choose one of the remaining sins and design a character for it in a similar style to each other, using the shape guidelines set out by the previous group and myself. Glenn choose Sloth, Carla choose Pride, Rose choose Greed and I choose Envy. We shall meet again on Thursday to start discussing scenery and begin tonal exploration.

Basic shapes



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