Today we had our first ever life drawing class with the model, needless to say it was a little intimidating. We began by drawing quick one minute poses, where the model changed his pose every minute. He also used a block which added stress to the muscles and an extra element which makes it more interesting to draw.

As I was drawing Micheal told me that I was not free enough. I tend to draw the shapes inside using very straight lines, which is fine in class, but if I wanted to capture someone at a train station, it would not be quick enough. So he demonstrated how to draw the model using only a couple of strokes with a bright orange conté. For the rest of the lesson I attempted to take his advice on board and put it to use.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We then attempted to draw his head as a quick study. I tried my best but struggled due to the angle. When Michael looked at it he said that it was because I didn’t break the shape of the head down enough, he then drew an example of a simple head shape next to my drawing and explained the a head is basically a circle and a rectangle smashed together.

Mike’s example is the orange one

When he looked at my homework, which was to draw Winnie the Pooh, he said that my characters didn’t look the same. He explained to me that some of my characters were fatter than others, or that Winnie was too tall in another. However this can be corrected with practice. Our homework for this week is to practice drawing Superman’s head and continue with our Winnie the Pooh studies.

Winnie the Pooh (Mike drew a basic outline for me in the bottom right corner)

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