Unfortunately over the weekend I was ill but I contributed what I had. I found tonal to be very difficult to understand, especially when it came to landscape. In fact as a group we struggled to come to terms with tonal. However the work of my fellow team mates was phenomenal!

When it came to presenting our tonal work, we focused on the characters and how we had had made them glow, the warm tones for the more jolly characters and the cool tones for the colder characters. We were complimented for the consistency in our work in terms of style.

I had only done a few thumbnails, which weren’t very experimental, however the works of Rose, Carla and Glenn displayed great experimentation in their tonal work. We were told that experimentation is the route to go down when it comes to understanding our next assignment of colour.

Once our presentation was finished I asked my group for tips concerning colour as I know that I am the weakest in terms of this project. They gave me the great advice of not being afraid to go as dark as possible and to really explore the darker tones. I hope to explore tone more in the coming weeks.

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