Today we had our second meeting with the model, it was the male again.

We were exploring fluidity and motion in the drawings. The entire lesson was just 1 minute poses, as we lost track of time but it was very useful. I feel that I have improved a little from last week, but Micheal pointed out that I am still quite rigid and controlled in my drawing which makes it harder for the drawing to look relaxed.

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After we had finished he came and looked at our homework, which was to drawn the base of Superman’s face and practice more Winnie the Poohs. Michael said to me that my drawing was more consistent this time round, especially with Winnie the Pooh’s sizing. Our homework for this week is to draw five spheres each with a different light source, a shadow and reflective light, we are then to take the one light source and draw Winnie the Pooh under that light source.

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