I had a busy weekend, however I decided to attempt two more bigger tonal artworks before beginning to look at colour.

From looking back at the beginning thumbnails I can see that my tonal has improved, however I am also aware that it could use a lot of work, which I am happy to admit to. However, I intend to practice more with tonal in my spare time so as to improve my skill with it.

Cool tones and warm tones

The top image was a landscape drawing for Lust’s environment. I imagine that Lust are rather cold-hearted and ruthless thus leading me to believe that they’re living dome would be filled with clean cut, precise edges which is why I used cool tones.

The bottom image was a colour fountain for Gluttony. I believe that Gluttony are joyous, round, bubbly creatures and so their living area reflects this being filled with soft, round structures and warm tones.


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