Today was our third meeting with our models and this week we had Jacquei. Our challenge today was to draw the model posing with a chair. This proved to be harder than I believed. I kept finding the proportions of my model to be wrong when I placed her next to the chair. This experience helped me discover that my perspective still isn’t up to the standard that I want it to be as it played a part in helping me find the correct proportions for my chair and, by extension, my model. I shall have to practice more cubes and spheres.


Our homework for this week was to draw 5 spheres and add a light source. This would produce a shadow and reflection on the spheres. Michael criticised my lack of a horizon line in my drawing, saying that because there wasn’t a surface for my sphere it just appears to be floating. Therefore, the shadow is unnecessary as there is no surface. The homework for next week is to draw a person in a chair from three different angles.


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