As I am away this weekend and therefore won’t be able to complete work, I decided to explore colour whilst I had the chance.

Using a video that I will link below, I coloured the 8 characters that we have living in our world. However, looking at them now I realise that I may have shown the light wrong by making the centre of the light white and the glow a different colour? However, I will do more research on this at a later date.

I shall not lie I found colour to be very difficult, I am struggling to understand how to use the colour wheel, especially when it comes to rainbow characters such as the outsider. Although I do believe that I can use colour palettes that vary tone instead of block colours. However, I will practice more and believe that this is a good first attempt at colour.

The Outsider was meant to be rainbow, but as you can see I failed and they ended up looking more like a sunset. Sloth is blue, Wrath is red, Envy is green, Lust is Indigo, Greed is yellow, Pride is violet and Gluttony is orange.

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