Unfortunately I was sick for today’s presentation on colour, however I was told by my, now former, group that it went well and our work was well received. You can read the full account on either Glenn, Rose or Carla‘s blogs. However, I am well aware that I need to work on colour more in my spare time, as I did not nearly do as much as I feel I needed to.

I was informed that I had been moved to a new group, Scale World, with Glenn, Ruxandra and Veronika. The premise of this world is that it is a set of scales, and each habitat on either side balances the other. There are three main life forms Minis, Midis and Bigs. The Minis are small, creative, energetic creatures. Made from porcelain they are fragile and need to be treated with care, however their romantic outlook on life often gets them into sticky situations. The Bigs on the other hand are no nonsense giants, made out of stone, their industrial outlook on life often leaves them appearing to be intimidating unsociable. The final life form are the outcasts of this world, existing on the the world between the scales, the Midis are the product of a Mini and Big falling in love. They are logical yet creative, fragile yet sturdy, but because they are impure they are not accepted by either society. You can view artwork by the previous group on Nuala, Bradley, Molly or Erinn‘s blogs.

Because I was not present today, we discussed our favourite animatics over Facebook and discussed our favourite artwork by the previous group, finally deciding to meet tomorrow in order to discuss the story that our animatic would show.


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