Today we met in order to finalise our story board and assign roles to each person.

We decided on a final story board which entailed the Mini running across the bridge to try and woo a Big who had appeared to be the same size when she viewed him from across the bridge. However, her dreams were quickly shattered when a big slams his foot down in front of her. In a daze, she is lifted face to face to him, where she woos him with a flower and a gentle kiss.

We decided that each person would have a role to fulfil in order to prevent the work load for just one person building up. Glenn would do backgrounds, Ruxandra chose to do the Big, Veronika was the only person with animating experience so she took on the role of animating everything and I decided on drawing the Mini.

I am excited for this project, however I am also nervous as I have never done digital art before.


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