With Maya confusing us all, our team decided to have a quick meeting about our Pecha Kucha assignment.

We began to look into Tex Avery in more depth finding more complex websites, looking at books and watching documentaries. We even had a group viewing of some of his most successful cartoons.

This docmentary was partciularly insightful:

And my favourite cartoon of Avery’s which we watched was ‘Red Hot Riding Hood’:

We also sorted ourselves into sections onto which we would each do.

Glenn is doing Avery’s early life, Veronika is doing his time spent at Warner Bros, Rachael is doing his MGM career and I am in charge of Avery’s Death and Legacy. I am so excited to do this topic as I can’t wait to research how he influenced the world of animation.

Veronika also linked us to a book called ‘Tex Avery: A Unique Legacy’. This  should come in handy to the project.


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