Today I looked at the life before Tex Avery’s death and his death. I discovered that he spent his last few  years doing drudge work for Hanna and Barbera as well as creating animated commercials such as ‘Raid’ and ‘Frito Bandito’. During his later years whilst working on ‘Kwicky Koala’ he became depressed and introverted.

I found out that his home life wasn’t brilliant either. His marriage didn’t survive the drug overdose death of his son, which his wife blamed on him not being at home to act as a role model due to his work and filed for divorce. He spent his last years living in questionable shelter and eventually died from lung cancer on 26th August 1980.

Unfortunately Avery didn’t have a happy last few years, but I’m hoping that his legacy proves to be more fruitful and show his influence on the world of animation.


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