Using Rachael‘s notes I have summarised the information I was given about his early MGM career into easy to understand bullet points:


  • In 1941, it was released that Avery had signed a contract with MGM , where his role would be to create and direct short animations in technicolour.
  • Avery felt too restrained at Warner Brothers
  • He admitted that he missed ‘Loony Tunes’ however he preferred it at MGM.

The Blitz Wolf

  • Released in 1942 and was a cartoon parody based on Adolf Hitler
  • Nominated for an Academy Award for best short subject in 1942
  • Typical of Avery to push boundaries for comedic effect, the beginning of ‘The Blitz Wolf’ reads ”The Wolf in this photo play is NOT fictitious. Any similarity between this wolf and that jerk Hitler is purely intentional.”

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