This comes very late in the year due to technological problems which seem to have plagued me this semester. This includes my brand new laptop having to be returned due to a faulty key. Because of this I lost my Maya models, granted I did not have anything extraordinary in terms of modelling on it, however they were items that I had modelled without using a tutorial and I was proud of them.

I am still proud of the next two models I have produced but I did so by following a tutorial. However, I take great pride in any little achievement I manage to get with this confusing programme, which I am growing to love.

For my first attempt a modelling following the loss of my laptop I modelled a jar using this tutorial:

Unfortunately, in my version I have some black spaces around the top of my jar and rendering is still beyond me. I WILL LEARN THOUGH! I am determined. But overall I am proud of this achievement, although flawed and simple.


Because that model had a few black errors which I didn’t know how t0 correct I decided to try and model another item using another tutorial:

I am very pleased with this model as I was able to model it with no problems and no errors. I am aware that what I have modelled is simple and I need to challenge myself more, however I am still learning and I am determined to become great at modelling, so I will take it step by step to achieve my goal.



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