Today we began to discuss narratives.

At the beginning Conann asked us to read an article on how Donald Trump was able to win the election due to mass data collection via the internet and social media.

In this post it explained how, by profiling Americans based on their social media and internet interactions Trump was able to give out a message for every voter. There is no anonymity online.  Conann wants us to challenge ourselves and challenge others, to create opinions and think outside the box, to be more than what our personality profiles say. We need to be more confident in our own opinions.

‘A story is what you want to tell, narrative is how you tell it’ (Ryan Beattie, 2nd year).

When asked to define the two Ryan c=gave the above answer. This definition is a simple and easy way of understanding, not only the differences between the two, but also what they are.

‘That’s why History is written by the Victor.’ (Conann Fitzpatrick).

Conann explained to us that we all learn different sides to a story depending on how we’re raised. If a conquering side tells the story the world will believe their side. However, the conquered will grow up believing a different tale.


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