So after a brief discussion with my team, we discussed what we had read last night. As we are still confused about what exactly we have to do we have decided to make a list of what we should research over tonight and Wednesday.

We first summarised our chapter:

  1. Hero’s Journey
  2. Structure of Story
  3. Comparisons to Joseph Campbell
  4. Examples of Film

We then made a list of items we should research:

  1. Joseph Campbell background
  2. Christopher Vogler background
  3. Films that use a structure different to what was mentioned in the book
  4. Greek Tragedy
  5. Greek Mythology
  6. Hollywood Method
  7. Hero’s Journey

I also booked two books out of the library:

  • Joseph Campbell’s, The Hero with a Thousand Faces
  • Michael Grant & John Hazel, Who’s Who in Classical Mythology
  • Robert Graves, Greek Myths



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