For my 3D Environmental Artist I choose artist Andres Rodriguez. Andres Rodriguez is one of the amazing artists that has worked with Naughty Dog on triple A games such as ‘The Last of Us’ and ‘Uncharted 4’. The one thing I remember about these games is stepping into scenes as the characters and just being blown away by the environments in the game. There was so much detail in every nook and cranny of the scenes.

Andres Rodriguez has been an Environment artist for approximately 7 years. He was initially self taught until he received a scholarship to study a Video Game Art and design programme in San Diego. After a buddy of his from university recommended him to Naughty Dog he was accepted after a test and has been there for 5 years now.When he got brought on they were just starting work on ‘The Last of Us’.Since then he has also worked on the incredible ‘Uncharted 4’.

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His work took my breath away whilst playing. I would spend ages in one area just admiring the visual impact of a scene.

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In ‘The Last of Us’, he worked on two very memorable landscapes for me. The approach to ‘Hunter City’ and the ‘University’. I thin what made these two landscapes so memorable for me was the seamless way nature blended into modern day structures. It was as if nature was claiming back what was hers. That feeling of something being there before the game is what intrigues me with his work.  To be able to have such a visual impact on a scene without dialogue and characters is so inspiring. I loved how isolated all the areas he worked  on felt.

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I am awe struck by his work. I have never been incredible at Environment design, however Andres Rodriguez is making me change my mind. Although i do not find environment work as enjoyable as say character work, I shall be making a decent attempt to expand my horizons after studying his work.


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