Today my group worked out that what we are virtually writing is a summary of a summary. We decided to do some research on the author, Joseph Campbell and the definition of a hero.

Joseph Campbell:

-Born March 26th 1904, New York

-Roman Catholic

-He became obsessed with Native American Culture at a young age

-Influenced by Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer

– His world view was shaped by the dynamic tension between his fascination with Native American culture and his active practice of Catholicism

– His encounters with artists Antoine Bourdelle, Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee, James Joyce, Thomas Mann, Slymund Freud and Carl Jung eventually lead to his theory that all myths and stories are of the same structure

-‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces’ brought him a critical acclaim and the first of many awards and honours

-Awarded National Arts Club Global Medal of Honour in Literature in 1985

-In James Hillman said ‘No one in our century, not Freud, not Thomas Mann, not Levi-Strauss, has so brought the mythical sense of the world and its eternal figures back into our everyday consciousness’


-The main character in a literary work

-Marks a revolution in thought that occurred when poets and their audiences turned their attention to the mortal man

-The mortal man is relatable because he fails, he’s flawed, he makes his own story and faces his own struggles, he’s relatable because he’s human

Christopher Vogler:

-Books and movies, fascinated him, especially fantastic tales of heroic adventure in other times and places

-Went to film school  and was influenced by two classes ‘story analysis for film and TV’ and an encounter with ‘A Hero with a Thousand Faces’

-Started working as a story analyst/story consultant

-Translated Campbell into movie language

We also looked at ways to challenge his work, however the main articles I looked at said that everything followed the Hero’s Journey they just had a unique take on the stages or a different layout of the stages.


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