After having a few weeks off, I was more than a little rusty coming into life drawing this week. Even though I drew quite a bit over the break I found myself struggling to capture the shapes inside the body. All my poses looked stiff and static…boring.

Mike then suggested that we use the conté on itsside to create a shaded look. After a few examples, he came round and did an example next to my own attempt which helped me understand what I was meant to do better. From that point on my drawings looked a lot more fluid, like there was actual shape to them, rather than just a silhouette. They looked fun and lively. I do understand this though as the shading gives the muscle shape and movement.

However, I am still struggling with perspective. When it came to having the models perched on a surface or cahir, my line of horizon is so off and the drawings return to looking weird and stiff, even with the new technqiue.

Our homework for this week is to look at form and look at Chiaroscuro.


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