Renaud Galand

So I know that this guy is going to a popular choice amongst my year. He is the lead character artist for the game ‘Overwatch’. I chose him because I am deeply in love with this game, its characters and its landscapes. This game is very close to my heart because of a particular character named ‘Tracer’ who was modelled by Mr Galand and is the poster child of the game. I would go into way I adore her so much but I won’t. ‘Overwatch’ is so innovative in terms of the design of their characters, partly because he is the lead character artist. In the clips below he modelled the characters of ‘tracer’ and ‘Widowmaker’:

Mr Galand recently released several images of the high poly models used during these shorts and I was dumbstruck. His understanding of the shape of the human body shines even with the unique art style that Blizzard has adopted onto Overwatch. His attention to detail is phenomenal of the character models and it was really interesting to see the models with no textures.

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His job at Overwatch is actually very varied. On both his personal website and his artstation account he lists his duties as:

– Defining the entire character pipeline (initial prototyping, problem solving, documentation, etc.)
– Helping the art director and the other art leads define the art style for the characters in 3D.
– Interacting with the all the other departments (game designers, engineers, producers, etc.) on a very regular basis to ensure a smooth, efficient, optimized and “directed” production environment for the character creation process.
– Mentor and/or help newcomers/other character artists in the team.
– Creation of highpoly character models and their real-time equivalents.
– 3D sculpt concepts and prototype.

And I’m not going to neglect his earlier work either he has worked on:

-worked with Skymonkey Studio

-10Tacle Studio Belgium


-Fresh 3D

He is proficient in a lot of software, so many that my head spins. However, i find him such an insiration and hope that one day I can create characters as beloved and as high quality  as his.

Guillaume Delpech

I decided to mention this artist because i find  his characters to have a very unique style to them. In comparison to Renaud Galand, his work is alot more stylised and more experimental in terms of style which is why I like his work. Its simple yet pleasing to the eye and reminds me that you don’t always have to stick to the human structure for characters.



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