Today I reread my chapter and read a few articles on my slides and have made a basic notes for each slide:

9) Reward:

  • After surviving the Ordeal the hero now takes possession of the treasure they have been seeking, their reward
  • The reward can be anything from knowledge to a physical item
  • The hero could also have earned the literal title of hero by taking a risk for the community

10) The Road Back

  • Not quite out of danger yet
  • Crossing into Act 3 the hero has to deal with the consequences of confronting the forces in the Ordeal
  • If they have not managed to reconcile with the forces at this point the forces may pursue them
  • Best chase scenes usually happen during this stage
  • Makes the descision to return to the Ordinary World

11) Resurrection

  • In ancient times heroes had to be cleansed of the blood on their hands. The hero who has been to the realm of the dead must be reborn and cleansed in a final Ordeal before returning the living ordinary world
  • This is often a second life-or-death situation
  • Darkness’ last futile attempt before defeat
  • A trial to test if the hero has learnt from his ordeal
  • The hero is transformed by these moments of death-and-rebirth, and is able to return to the ordinary world with new insights

12) Return with the Elixir

  • The hero returns to the ordinary world, but the journey is meaningless unless they bring something back, an Elixir of sorts
  • The Elixir can be knowledge or something physical
  • Unless something is brought back the hero is doomed to repeat the adventure


  • List of the stages of ‘A Hero’s Journey’
  • This is merely a frame to be built upon
  • You can switch up the order of the stages or have unique takes on each stage
  • In the end stories will always use ‘A Hero’s Journey’
  • Can be used to tell a simple comic or complex drama

I shall make the presentation tomorrow


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