This is my part of the presentation for Tuesday, I shall make cue cards tomorrow.

We also agreed on Star Wars being our chosen movie example and thus I made these examples.


-After surviving ‘The Ordeal’ the hero now takes possession of the treasure they have been seeking. Their reward.

-The reward can be anything from knowledge to something physical.

-The hero could earn the title of ‘Hero’ from their community.

-In ‘Star Wars’, Luke rescues Princess Leia and retrieves the plans for the Death Star, the key to defeating Darth Vader.

-The reward may also be reconciliation with a parent, such as when Luke reconciles with Darth Vader in ‘Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi’.

10)The Road Back

-Not quite out of danger yet.

-Crossing into Act 3 as the Hero has to deal with the consequences of confronting the forces of the Ordeal.

-If they have not reconciled with said forces, they may come raging after the Hero.

-Best chase scenes often happen here.

-Luke and Leia are furiously pursued by Darth Vader as they escape the Death Star.


-In ancient times Heroes had to be cleansed of the blood on their hands. The Hero who had been to the Realm of the Dead must be reborn and cleansed in a final ordeal before returning to the land of the living

-That is often a second life-or-death situation, Darkness’ last attempt before being defeated.

-A trial to test that the Hero has learnt from The Ordeal.

-The hero is reborn by these moments of life-and-death, and is able to return to ordinary life reborn as a new being with new insights.

-The Star Wars films play with this continuously. The original trilogy features a final battle, Luke almost dying and hen surviving having gained a greater understanding of the force.

12) Return with the Elixir

-The hero returns to the Ordinary World, but the journey is meaningless unless they return with some sort of Elixir. The Elixir can be a great treasure, knowledge or just a good story to tell.

-Luke Skywalker defeats Darth Vader and restores peace and order to the galaxy.

-Unless something is brought back from the journey, the Hero is doomed to repeat the adventure.


  • Ordinary World
  • Call to Adventure
  • Refuse the Call
  • Mentor
  • Cross the First Threshold
  • Tests, Allies and Enemies
  • Approach the Inmost Cave
  • The Ordeal
  • The Reward
  • The Road Back
  • Resurrection
  • Return with the Elixir

-This is merely a frame to be built upon. You can switch up the order or have unique takes on the separate stages, but in the end the structure can be used to tell the simplest comic book story or the most sophisticated drama.


-Luke’s new ordinary world or one without the Empire and requires that the joins the rebel offensive.

-After successfully destroying the Death Star he undergoes a change remembering Obi-Wan’s words he trusts the Force and comes into his powers.

-His return signifies that his friends and fellow rebels will survive to fight another day.

-Luke wanted to leave the farm, join the larger universe and make a difference that mattered. And he did. ‘This galaxy isn’t so far, far away for Luke anymore’.

I shall upload my final slides tomorrow.

You can view the other slides and research done by the rest of my team on their blogs: Lauren, Siobhan and Dermott.


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