Today after both my lectures, my team and I  (Dermott, Lauren and Siobhan), decided to put our presentation together and keep reading the presentation until we managed to get all the information spoken in the within the time limit. We managed to get it down to around 6 minutes.

I also wrote out my cue cards:


  • Survive ‘The Ordeal’ and take possession of the treasure.
  • Physical, mental or reconciliation with a relative.
  • ‘Star Wars’- Luke rescues Leia, Death Star plans, reconciles with his father, Darth Vader, in ‘Return of the Jedi’.

10)The Road Back

  • The hero isn’t safe yet.
  • Crosses into Act 3, consequences of confronting the forces, may initiate a chase scene.
  • Best chases scenes- Darth Vader pursuing Luke and Leia.

11) Resurrection

  • Hero must be reborn.
  • Second life-or-death, Darkness’ last attempt.
  • Trial to ensure the hero has learnt from ‘The Ordeal’.
  • Luke ‘dies’, appears dead, survives, gains a better understanding of the force.

12) Return with the Elixir

  • A treasure, knowledge or a good story.
  • Hero is doomed to repeat the adventure unless he brings something else.
  • Isn’t always the same world.
  • Luke returned to the Ordinary World, the Elixir being the absence of the Empire.


  • Merely a frame.
  • Switch up the order.
  • Unique tales on the stages.
  • However,it will always be the structure for stories, old and new.
  • Simplest comic or most sophisticated drama.



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