Today we presented our presentation. I think we did very well. We remained within the time limit and delivered our information in a clear and concise way. However, I do believe that we could’ve relaxed a little more.

I made some notes on the other presentations, however you can find all of the information in much more depth on the other groups blogs. Instead I made a brief note of the feedback we got:

  • Get past the selfish stuff and think about why you’re giving a presentation
  • Think about pacing
  • Look at Vogler as a well expressed table of contents
  • Engagement
  • Trickster speaks truth to the power
  • Grid alignment
  • Typography
  • Challenge Information
  • How others learn
  • Who are you talking to
  • Read more books
  • Other cultures
  • Be aware of your audience
  • How are you emphasising the important part
  • Research presentations
  • Research repetition
  • Make it interesting

You can view my team’s take on the feedback and our presentation here: Dermott, Siobhan and Lauren.


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