DVD cover

Our initial thoughts on this film are very similar: THIS MOVIE IS WEIRD.

Birdy is about two young men, Al and Birdy, struggling to grow up in Philadelphia during the Vietnam War. From the beginning Birdy wasn’t mentally all there, he wished to be a bird, believing he could talk to them and fly. In contrast, Al was very grounded keeping a very macho facade. The two became unlikely friends, until Al could no longer understand Birdy and it just got too intense for him to understand. They left on bad terms, Al volunteered for the military,whilst Birdy was drafted. There both boys suffered severe Trauma. Birdy completely resided within himself, truly believing himself to be a bird, whilst Al suffered irreparable damage to his face. The movie takes lace in the Asylum in which Birdy is situated, with their past being told through flashbacks.

On the most basic level Birdy is just a weird movie about a guy who’s obsessed with Birds and has a supporting friend, but there is so much going on underneath that and even with only our first watch through you can tell that.

We did make a list of characters though:

  • Birdy
  • Al
  • Mario
  • Shirley
  • Roxanne
  • B’s mum
  • B’s dad
  • Hannah
  • Weiss
  • Renauldi
  • Mr. Columbato
  • Mrs Columbato
  • Doris
  • Smitty

We are going to rewatch the movie and write out every single event with simple analysis first so that we can begin our schematic next week.


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