Michael Bass spoke a lot about head rotations to us today. Using the character Pinncohio, he showed us how to use perspective and boxes and the horizon line to draw a head. He then put emphasis on the importance of the horizon line when drawing a head rotation. The ease at which he draws and the work he produces is amazing!

As we began our warm up, looking at my drawings now, I seem to have forgotten everything that was taught last week, and my reasearch into chiaroscuro (he said my drawing looked weird because of the median I did it in, however I still believe I have a lot of work to do). This is kinda disappointing because I thought I was finally getting somewhere and this just feels like a step back for me.

Then using the knowledge Michael Bass bestowed on us earlier we started longer studies  of the head. Although I tried my best, I used the lines and the line of horizon, because of my constant struggle with perspective I believe that it somewhat hindered my drawing and thus I am not pleased with them.

Our homework for this week is to do a head rotation of Pinocchio.


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