Statistics Definition:

-A branch of mathematics, dealing with the collction, analysis, interpretation, presentation and organisation of data.

-Statiscian Sir Arthur Lyon Bowley defines statistics as ”Numerical statemtns of facts in any department of inquiry placed in relation to each other.”

-A collection of quantitative data.

There are different types of data:

  • Numerical Data- This data has meaning as a measurement, discrete data represent items that can be counted, continuous data represents measurement
  • Categorical Data- Represent characteristics
  • Ordinal Data mixes numerical and catagorical data
  • Discriptive statistics is used to describe and summarise data
  • Numerical measres such as average, standard deviation and correlation are used to describe the features of a set of data
  • Inferential statistics studies  a statistical scope

I found some statistics on the NISRA website and jotted down some quick notes.

General Statistics:

  • Population: 1,851,621
  • Unemployment: 5.3%
  • Gross Value Added: £18,682
  • Median Gross Weekly Full-Time Earning April: £495
  • Year 12 pupils with 5 GCSES: 82.8%
  • Recorded Crimes: 105,023
  • Mosrt deprived Neighbourhood: Whiterock
  • Production decreased by 1.9%
  • NI economic activity incresed by 1.6%
  • 210 redundancies confirmed in Jan 2017
  • 25.4% of energy consumtion was renewable
  • 90.2% of renewable energy was generated by wind
  • £749.6m spent on R&D, only 26% spent by education
  • Domestic Abuse: 13,426
  • All violence: 1%
  • Prison Population- Male: 1,765, Female: 61
  • Working age without qualifications: 17.5%
  • School leavers without GCSEs: 83.4%
  • 2 or more A levels: 58%
  • Homeless- Male: 6,777, Female: 3,379

These are all here to help base our own cities statistics on, I will dive deeper into the statistics side of things later.




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