I also looked into how it will float. Due to the nature of it not having to be logical I could have just gone ‘MAGIC’. But we don’t want to, we want to have some kind of physics behind our idea.

Wind Turbines

Approximately 26% of Belfast’s energy was renewable, 90% of this was produced by wind turbines. Due to this we came up with the idea of using wind turbines, such as the floating city of ‘Columbia’ from ‘Bioshock Infinite’.


We would have the city not only be supported by said turbines, but also powered by them.


Opposites attract, but poles repell when they are the same. After some brief research we had the idea that the Earth became polarised and toxic, and so our floating city uses magnets to keep itself a float.


We had this idea after looking at many different appliances which had levitating properties, such as the ones pictured above.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

We briefly looked into how Ultron made the city float, however when we discovered it was merely thrusters we were a little unimpressed, questions were raised on how we’d power those thrusters and the city? Would they pollute the air of the city?

However, there is a very interesting article on the physics of it which you can read here.


We also looked at using Gravity to make the city float. Sounds simple but no. Inspired by the Gravity storm in ‘Gravity Rush’, we had an idea of making the Earth lose it gravitational pull. This causes the world to break apart, and each civilisation has to create its own gravity center in order to survive.


Viola’s idea

Viola then came up with the idea of using a structure to keep it afloat, but have it hidden, either like a pocket universe, or an optical illusion. I am interested to see where she goes with this idea.


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