These are my concepts for the floating city.

Floating City0003

These are two of my ideas which I shall explain.

Top Idea

So I had an image of a very post apocalyptic world which is a running theme throughout all of my ideas. Basically Earth has been destroyed, and Belfast broke apart on a massive hunk of rock. Using remaining archtecture,  Belfast rebuilds itself. So in my top idea the Titanic Quarter takes centre stage, however it is broken, and so its connected to a broken Albert Clock by the glass bridges in Victoria Square. Its power source is a massive source of energy which is kept contained using the dome from Victoria Square. Not many people would be able to  live here. But I was inspired by the works of Dalaran and Skyloft, with them sitting on a huge hunk of rock.

Bottom Idea

My bottom idea was inspired by the Gorillaz music video for ‘Up on Melancholy Hill’, but also a game called ‘We Need to Go Deeper’, which you can see being played by a youtuber named Jacksepticeye below:

(Yes I am embrassed to include this but it was what I was watching whilst designing concepts and it influenced me.)

Basically the idea is that its no longer pheasable to live on land and so Belfast takes to the waters in a massive submarine inspired by the Fish sculpture near the Odessey Areana.

belfast big fish sculpture

The lowest level acts like a basement, full of reserves of food, maybe a few cars, but its mainly storage. The 3rd level is the slums, its cramped, little health care, next to no light, poverty ridden, it just isn’t a nice place to live. The 2nd level is middle class a bit more spacious, better health care, better pay, a fairly decent life. The first level belongs to the politicians, high class, lots of space, top class health care, well fed, basically the dream, however its corrupt. They do not care for the lower levels, even though that’s their jobs. The top level, inside the Victoria Square inspired dome is the oxygen supply, its where they keep lifestock and grow their food and self sustain oxygen. The entirity of the outside of the fish is covered in sola panels which provides the fish with power. Their is a lift mechanism made out of the remainder of one of the Harland and Wolfe cranes. I felt like it was impotant to [ay hommage to the legacy they left behind.

Floating City0004

The next idea was spawned from a bubble idea, where the world’s were basically contained in a bubble. One bubble was filled with the good people and one bubble was filled with the bad people. The influence from the archtecture of Belfast is still there, but honestly I do not feel the love for this design.

Floating City0005

Top Idea

The top idea is very simple, the symbol of hope is brought to life by a giant Nuclear war. She builds a dome around the remaining citizens and what’s left of Belfast and protects them from harm as they float in the remainder of Earth’s atmosphere.

Bottom Idea

I just wanted to do something with Albert Clock, honestly its a beautiful piece of archtecture and broken towers are so aesthetically pleasing.

You can see concepts from the rest of my group here!






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