I was unaware of the homework that we had for this week, due to their being a talk last week which we attended instead of life drawing.

This week I tried a curvier style of line. I wanted to start giving the effect of weight. I feel that by adding curvier, more confident lines, I am creating better drawings. I keep forgetting that as long as the proportions are correct and there is a line of action, you can capture the movement.

This lesson we were also made to critique each other’s work. It was so interesting to see the work of others, and how they proecessed life drawing and what we were learning. I was told that my work was consistent, bar one pose, with good proportions and obviously female (thank goodness). Honestly, I was surprised by the praise because I still beleive that my perspective is very iffy.

Our next task was to start drawing a person from one side and then continue it from another position, having to imagine the previous position. I did this wrong and did the reverse. However, it was still an extremely fun and eye opening challenge, as it really pushed my knowledge of the human body, which evidently isn’t extensive.


Our homework for this week is to look at the centre of balance.


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