Using all of our notes, research and Dermott’s stellar skills we created a schematic.




So the symbolism goes:

-The baseball represents the boys’ youth, but it also represents Al and his inability to let go of normality for his own happiness, and the fear of being percieved as anything but normal.

-The cage respresents society and how Al is trapped by its scoial constructs and how it percieves him, which is why Birdy (the bird) is outside the cage.

-The bandages represent how scared Al is, and shows how in the movie the bandages appearaed to be the only thing keeping him snae. He lost everything that made him normal, his mobility and his looks, and now he’s falling apart.

-The bird represents Birdy, he is free, and not confined by social constructs, he does not care to be perceieved as normal.

-The feathers represent the fragility  shown in the m ovie, the fragility of their mental states and the fragility of their masculinity.

-The broken mirror, represents Al’s vainity.

You can read more on my teams blogs: Lauren, Dermott and Siobhan.


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