Michael Bass said that my centre of balance was a little off for one of the poses in my life drawing homework so I’ll have to practice that element.

During the warm ups, I try my best to vsualise the shapes inside the model, the shape of her torso, the muscles in her arms, the muscles in her legs, her hips, all of them have distinct shapes which I try to practice capturing in my art. I try to capture the line of action and the fluidity and ease of the pose she’s in. Sometimes it works out well, a lot of the time not so much. However, I do beleive that these warm ups are imortant and I enjoy them a lot.

Then we had a challenge, none of us had ever faced before. The model was to act out  a series of poses, which we were to storyboard. Whilst this exercise was fun, it was fast, and I found myself focusing less on the story and more on the actual poses, so my story is not coherent and it doens’t really make sense which is a shame as this challenge was stressful yet fun.

I believe the story is that she’s walking and her shoe comes off, she then stops to pick it up, puts it back on at the bus stop, it starts raining and she decides to lie down whilst waiting for it to pass. Eventually she gives up and walks home in the rain.

Our homework for next week is to redraw the story boards.


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