So for this assignment we have to create a 15 second animation with 5 seconds on either side for credits and a title sequence.

In my team I have Alistair, Nuala and Bradley. All stellar students and hard workers.

So this week we decided to brain storm ideas and come up with a finalised story.

Conann told us to stay away from heavy hitting story lines, such as suicide and depression, which we all  agreed you wouldn’t be able to portray correctly in 15 seconds. So we decided to head down the lines of comedy, however we also wanted to keep character designs simple and easy in order to lower are work load. This was already going to be a hard enough challenge to begin with, and since we were only first years we didn’t want to create life like transformers (no mattter how cool that would be).

I began by looking at bad jokes:

  • The past, the present and the future walked into a bar. It was tense. (We decided against this as we would have to tell the joke instead of showing it which defeats the point of the assignment).
  • What did the big chimney say to the little chimney? You’re too young to be smoking! (We had the funny idea of having the big chimney turn away for two seconds, a little puff of smoke stream up from the little chimney whilst big’s back was turned. However, the big cimeny suddenly spins 180, grows and leans over the smaller chimney with angry eyes).
  • Two flies are on a poo. Fly 1: Wanna hear a joke? Fly 2: Nothing disgusting, I’m trying to eat. (Once again we would have to tell this joke instead of showing it.)
  • Solar Flare. The sun farts and destroys the Earth. (Funny, toilet humour, however doesn’t show off what we’ve learned this year).

I then saw some funny jokes about teeth (which we didn’t go with (thank goodness because Conann was not impressed)):

  • A tooth slowly moves closer, despite the other’s protests. It ends with the two being seperated by a brace. (It was boring, and nothing imaginative animation wise).
  • A tooth is sitting happily, only to be attacked by a wisdom tooth. (Once again, rejected due to the camera angles boring nature and lack of animation needed).
  • Two teeth in love are separated by a slowly emerging screaming adult tooth. (No imaginative camera angles.)


The two ideas which captured our attention the most would be two ideas about birds.

Alistair and Bradley’s Idea:

Alistair and Bradley had an idea where a wee worm poked it’s head out of the ground, only for a fat, derpy looking bird to swoop down and start trying to pull the worm out of the ground. However, the tables are turned when the worm pulls the bird into it’s hole in the ground and eats the bird instead. The comedy in this short, comes from the unexpected twist the story takes, the appearnace of the bird and th final scene which is a loud burp and feather blowing up into the air.

Nuala’s Idea:

Ultimately the idea we loved the most was Nuala’s idea. A mama bird is waiting for her three chicks to hatch. Two do so without a hitch and she’s excited for the third, only fot a snake to pop out. Despite being shocked, the mama bird accepts the strange creature as one of her own. The comedy in this comes from the unexpected, but also the mama bird’s facial reactions to the snake. Nuala came up with this idea after a lecture on implicit meaning in narrative, and thus Nuala came up with a heart warming comedy about adoption, and accepting those who are different to you.

We then came up with a rough story board to present it to Conann, Mike and Yuan.

Thankfully, they seemed to really like our design and saw it as interesting and fun, however they did express their concerns with timing. Which is why our next task is to create an animatic for our idea.


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