Whilst I tried to get the complete city hall done, on top of the other work I had, I just didn’t have time unfortunately. However, the porch which I did have done was impressive enough that I wished to include it in our final model.

Porch render
My Porch

It was quite detailed, I didn’t manage to get every detail, but I was extremely proud of it and it was such a shame I failed at every attempt to make the actual city hall. However, I plan to actually make it when I have the time. I’m still learning after all.

I wished to include the City Hall because after Belfast became the main trading capital of Northern Ireland (sorry Carrickfergus) and after the Lienen Exchange what was orginally called the ‘White Linen Hall’ became City Hall, a polictical building. And since the polictical history in Northern Ireland and Belfast is such a key part in our development I felt it was important.


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