I must admit I was so busy that I completely forgot about the homework, and felt so guilty when I had to walk into class and tell our lecturer it had slipped my mind. I feel ashamed.

Once again this week I tried to focus on the line of action and the shapes in our model’s body. I feel that my proportions are getting better. However I am still shakey with my perspectove and balance. I feel like I should start drawing strictly perspective poses in my spare time in order to get over my fear of the perspective heavy poses. Once again however the warm ups were a lot of fun.

Today, we started looking at one of the most dreaded pieces of anatomy…feet. I despise feet, they’re gross and hard to draw. However, I know that it is so important to learn how to draw them. Similarly to the main body the easiest way to learn is to simplify the foot into a box and then add details and shape from there. I don’t draw feet often so I was proud of what I had produced.



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