This is our final presentation:

Credits to Nuala for animating the sequence in After Effects, to Molly for editing it and adding the statistics and to Viola for the glitch effect.

Here are some progress shots from our time working on the project:

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And some renders of the final city: Belsfaria

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Credit to Nuala and Molly for the rendered shots.

Idea behind the city:
Inspired by Bioshock Infinite, it follows along the lines of segregation and discrimination which was and can still be visible in Belfast today. We had a city that on the surface, looks ideal with the perfected vision of how civilisation should present itself, but as we delve into its implicit meanings, all isn’t what it seems. For example, the large eye in the centre of the dome is a method of surveillance on the city for the corrupted government. Residents must live and act a certain way in accordance to a set of rules the government has set as to not be imprisoned in the other, less pleasant, half of the city below. With a more dystonia approach on the Titanic quarter, we had the idea of making it resemble a prison for those who were banished from the idealistic top half, for committing crimes or opposing the government. Fitting in along the lines of discrimination, civilians who do not follow the status quo are also segregated and isolated from the upper society, for example if you look and act in a way that is not uniform to the government.
(Credit to Nuala for typing the idea out)

Taken from Molly’s blog.

Overall Feedback and Feelings on the city:

If I’m honest I feel like I should have done more, I feel like I should’ve pushed myself into more roles and pushed myself harder. Instead of giving 100% I should’ve given 200%, but I’m more determined than ever to prove myself. Overall I am happy with our city, I’m glad that I can see how the statistics influnced our city, as well as how you can see everyone’s influences and ideas in how the city finally turned out. Feedback from the class was good, they loved our colours and the whole vapourwave tone we were going for. I loved my team for this project, we all did  our best and the final product shows our effeorts, however I think the genreal consensus is that we would’ve liked more time so we could’ve refined a few things and made even more buildings.

Our presenatation can be found here!

The rest of my team are Nuala, Molly and Viola!

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