Whilst we thought our team had agreed to take one night off after presenting our idea, Alistair was on a very different wave length. He created an animatic all by himself, only needing us to edit it together for him! Which we greatly appreciated.

This allowed us to focus on our next course of action concept art for our birds.

We all agreed that our birds should be soft, fat and round. I researched this description and found a few cutie pies that I think would be perfect as a base for our birds.

Eurasian Wren

The Eurasian Wren is known for its small structure and soft body. It can fit into a teacup, and its appeal definitely comes from its soft, fluffy appearance, caused by a round body and fluffy feathers.

Eurasian Wren


Dunlins are a widespread species of sandpiper. They are fluffy, and round on lanky legs, but its the fluffed up, round appearance they take when nesting.


Their cute appearance also allowed a flock of them to take centre stage in the Pixar short ‘Piper’. Which tells the tale of a young bird over coming their fear of the sea, and becoming independent and dependable.


Sorry for the small frame, this was the only copy I could find online.


The Firecrest is a very small bird, found in Scotland, they are only arond 9cm long. I put them on this list because their lack of neck and funny little mohawk, give the derpy, yet fat and round look that we’re trying to achieve.


Cartoon/ Film Influences

We looked at a few short films, clips and cartoons which featured birds and one of our favourites were the baby birds from ‘Angry Birds’.

Their round, egg-shaped appearnace paired with massive eyes and small limbs and beak, add to the element of their cuteness.

Another influence was ‘For the Birds’ from Pixar. We believe that the design of the ‘Angry Bird’ chicks were based on these short, fluffy, dumb and chubby little creatures.

I personally looked at ‘the Owl’ from CBBC, however his design was very quickly written off as it was too angular and sharp for the soft appearance we were striving for.

In the end we sketched a few designs, and I did a few sketches of well known birds in order to get the basic shapes down:

However, Nuala‘s was by far our favourite!

Nuala's Bird

When it came time to present again, we had a finished baby bird design and animatic. They do agree with the direction we are taking, however they are curious about the mama bird’s design and the environment in which they will reside. Which will be our next goal. To research environments and finalise the mama bird’s design.




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