After speaking with Mike, Alistair  redid some scenes in the animatic and with our help he added sound!

We decided to  look at some natural and movie environments for inspiration for our own environment as we were undecided.

We originally had the idea of having our birds perched high above the rest of the forest which led to me looking in the australian outback. In particular the image of the singular tree in the Outback.


However, we decided that that was too isolated and gave off a very hostile enviornment, the opposite of what we wanted to create.

We then looked at local forests, especially ones containing rivers after Bradley did a lot of research on the symblolism of water, which you can read here.

However, we agreed that we were looking for something a little more exotic, like a rainforest! Mainly so we could explore all kinds of interesting flora and trees.

Stemming from real life examples, we began to look at  forests and enviornments in movies and cartoons.

The Jungle Book (2016)

Alistair has a master post about the Jungle Book on his blog, however I did wish to mention breifly what we really loved about the concept art and environment in this movie.

What we really loved about the concept art for the Jungle Book, was how homely the environemnt looked. The jungle adopts Mooglie, and we see it through his eyes. Its his home. We loved the richeness of the enviornment, how full of life it appeared to be, filled to the brim with vegtation, trees and flora. We have a desire to make our own environment seem wam and welcoming, and have the rich colors and full scene reflect this. Its also familiar, exotic yet familiar.



The environment in Avatar is breath-takingly beautiful! We were in awe at the bioluminescent plants and rich atmosphere created by the environment.

We were inspired by the twisting trunks of the trees and the exotic plants. There was never a dull moment on screen during Avatar. The environment itself was alive and breathing, drawing you in and capturing your attention. However, not enough to distract you from the main focus of whatever scene was playing out, just enough to keep your eye entertained . It draws on the real life elements of rainforests from our own world, however the colour scheme makes the environemnt so alien. We wished to add interesting shapes to our own environemnt, such as the twisting trunks and full environment.

Bradley in particular was insired by the bioluminescent colour scheme during the darker scenes of the movie and wished to include this in ur animation at some point, even if was just a slightly purple tinge to the lighting.

Charlie Chalk

Charlie Chalk was brought to our attention by Alistair as we were discussing maybe simplifying the environment to creat a softer more round and family friendly appearance. The pastel aesthetic and soft felt textures, mixed with the soft, rounded shapes of the environment make for perfect inspiration for our cute aniamtion.

Based on this we all attempted some beautiful (I am disappointed in mine) concept art:


You can see Nuala, Bradley and Alistair’s work on their blogs respectively.



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