This week we were given our final assignment by Alec for our Imaging and Data Visualisation Module. We have to create a 3D model of our parteners head.

Although I love realism I also love stylised so I was relieved to hear that we could go either way with our models, as long as the stylised version was inspired.

I decided to do some research into some 3D character modellers and head sculpters.

Eugene Fokin

Eugene Fokin is a senior character artist at Ubisoft. If you go onto his artstation, you will find that his page is littered with head models.


He has worked with several game companies over the years, and you can see that with every change he has learnt something new. However, his style has not changed.


Despite the more advanced textures and more realistic sculpting, you can still see that element of his own style coming through. Its real but its not real. And I adore how over the years he hasn’t lost that unique style.


He is proficient in many softwares as can be seen by his resume on his website. Honestly I don’t even know what half of them are, however his main sculpting tools would be Maya and Z Brush, It makes me excited to ee the things he creates. But also to curious as to how he gets such clean models.

Hai Phan

My name is Hai Phan, and I am a character artist currently based in the southern California area, USA. I’ve always been fascinated by fictional worlds, and helping create believable experiences is gratifying work. Although the focus of my work is often characters, I enjoy and appreciate all aspects of interactive art.

A completely biased choice as he worked on one of my all time favourite games ‘Overwatch’. He modelled the heads and bodies for several characters from the game as seen on his artstation.


I love how stylised and polished his work is and could honestly look at it for days. However, along with his professionl work he does do a lot of personal projects as seen on his website.


He even does tutorials! Some are free and some you hhave to buy but they look as though they’d be extremely useful. He even posts them on his youtube channel!

I feel like this tutorial will be very helpful even if its for a more intermediate level of Maya practioners. He as well has a great artillary of software under his belt, but the ones he views as most important are Maya, Z Brush and Photoshop (Need to up my photoshop game).

Here is an interview with him:

Adam Sacco

With over 5 years experience in the geming industry, Adam Sacco has found that creating 3D characters is the most rewarding for him. I do not know much about this guys work, as I haven’t played the games he has worked on. Hoever, his work is phenomenal.


On both his artstation and his website you can just feel the talent oozing out. He can do both rrelaistic and semi-realistic designs, using the impressive array of tools he has mastery of.

adam-sacco-3d-yolandi-visser-12 (1)

His work is simly stunning, and if you had shown me a render of his Yolandi model, I would’ve thought it was a picture.


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