I couldn’t think of a pun that would make sense.

Continuing with my artist research for the head model.

Isaa Coster

Isaa Coster is an artist with a fascination of all things mechanical. You need to scroll down his website a little before you find any head of human models, however they are definitely worth looking at. Clean models and iticrite detailing. His work is phenomenal.


He’s also posted some tutorials on his website, and although I love his stuff I’m not sure how much inspiration I can pull from his work, due to the mechanical nature of  lot of his models.


Frank Tzeng

Frank Tzeng is one of the lead character artists at Naughty Dog. He most noted for his work on the character models in Uncharted 4. I decided to look at modellers who have a more realistic style as a lot of the artists I have looked at thus far would be rather stylized.


As you can see from his artstation his work is very realistic. His understanding of the software he uses allows him to create wrinkles and hair to a very high standard. So much so that I often can’t tell whether cosplay images are real people or reference images from the game.

Frank Tzeng.jpg



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