Whilst I worked away on creating models for the environment, I will admit that my maya knowledge was behind that of Nuala‘s, Alistair‘s and Bradley‘s, however I am proud of the models I have produced thus far an I feel as though I have been useful to the team.

The river reed was simple, however it still took me a little while to work out how to use the curve tool to create a smooth curve. Once I had worked this out however, it became a lot easier for me to complete the model. This was because the thicker part of the reed was made in a similar way only thicker with a more rounded bottom and flattened top. Whilst simple, I think it looks clean.

Hot dog - Copy
River Reed

Once again, although this appearas simple I did find it difficult to extrude the top faces, as I couldn’ work out how to get the edge loop to work on the top face. However, I eventually managed to work it out and made some tweeks to the edges in order to give it a clean finish.

Lily pad - Copy
Lily Pad

I started and restarted this flower, so many times. However the effect that I eventually achieved was worth it.  I used the tutorial I showed in the previous blog post to create the basic petal shape and then duplicated and positioned each petal so that it would take the shape of a flower. This flower was detailed and it took me a number of hours so I’m glad it turned out so well.

lilypetal - Copy
Water Lily Flower

Pictured above are my models, which took me longer than I had hoped.

We all helped to design the Mama Bird, I also took some inspiration from the bird’s in ‘For the Birds’, ‘Owl’ in ‘Winnie The Pooh’ and ‘Archimedes’ from ‘Sword in The Stone’ to hep with the basic shape of or Mama bird:

Alistair was modelling our baby snake and Mama bird, Nuala modelled our baby birds and Bradley was experimenting with rigging and lighting with temporary envirnments and bird models.

We hope to have a sunrise to open our scene. This will be achieved by  parenting a light to a locator in the scene, and rotating and key framing the locator to create a sunrise.

He also experimented with rigging the face and explained the basics of it to us, but honestly I’m a little lost on exactly how it works, I only know how to operate and animate using the controllers, however I am confident in my ability to do so.


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