This weekend I was at a convention so I did not get as much as I would’ve liked to have gotten done. However, I did model an extra piece of vegetation for our scene and looked at colour schemes and colour insiration for our scene.

Bird’s Nest Fern

bird's nest fern

The bird’s nest fern gets its name from the fact that the centre of the fern looks like a bird’s nest, it grows on other plants and organic material and thrives in low light. I decided to try and model this because of its name. However, due to the wrinly nature of the leaves and the waves in them I couldn’t use my normal techniques. And with the help of Alec I managed to work out a way to get the leaves to twist and bend without clipping through the mesh.

fern death.png

Colour Inspiration

I looked at several mediums which contained the colours or colour schemes we may want to use. We had previously agreed on pastel tones.

Steven Universe

Steven Universe has an extremely refreshing colour palette. They never use dull colours, the colour work is simply beautiful. Easy on the eyes and relaxing I felt that Steven Universe wuld be a good place to find inspiration for our scene as we are trying to create a light, easy on the eyes scene. We wnated the scene to have that beautiful paste aesthetic with refreshing colours to signify a new life. Pastel colours are often used for baby clothes and items steered towards young children so this also influenced our decision.

Monument Valley 

Monument Valley is a mobile game, where the user figures out puzzles with perspective to advance. I was looking at this particular game because at the atrt of the sunset in our beginning scene we wished to have a purple tint to the scene and I felt that the use of colour in Monument Valley would give us an idea on how to incorporate this into the scene, and how to match colours to the lighting.


(I do not like love scenes, but the lighting in this scene is gorgeous)

Avatar has already been mentioned in previous posts, however once again we looked at the glowing plants and the blue tint that the entire movie had and how the colours were reflected and how they interacted with that light.

Charlie Chalk

Due to Charlie Chalk being the main inspiration for the art style we were going for, it only seemed right to look at the colour scheme as well. And this actually turned out to be our favourite. The use of lightened primary colours and slight pastel tones gives Charlie Chalk a very childish atmosphere and is nostalgic as it has the colour pallette of all big tubs of chalk which I used so much as a child in my back garden. Overall, it just warmed my heart and sat well with the scene.

Alistair had already set up the scene by this point, so he set to work colouring it.

Team Blogs: Alistair, Nuala and Bradley.


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