This week I created the egg for the scene.

Making an egg was a lot harder than I though. First of all I had to get the baby bird model off Nuala. Once I had the baby bird model I had to figure out a way to make sure I could work on the egg model whilst still being able to see the baby bird. So in the beginning I got a cube and placed it beside the bird model. With the two side by side, I began to model the egg from the cube to avoid triangles.

Once I had the correct height for the egg I had to place the bird inside the egg, I then discovered that it was too tall for the bird, and too slim for the baby bird’s pudgy body. I had to manipulate and move the edges I had created, whilst in wire frame mode, so that the bird was comletely covered but the egg didn’t look too stupid.


For the next part I needed my teams input, I had to wait until they were free before I could d the crack on the baby bird. They wanted a clean break with no pieces flying off, owever I found that to be difficult considering how big the baby’s eyes were and I didn’t want the egg shell to cover the baby bird’s eyes.

After a lot of deliberation it was decided that it would be a clean break and the baby bird would pop up, sending the top of the egg shell flying off. Having decided that it would cut off beneath the eyes I stated the long process of making the crack. Honestly this was harder than I feel it had any right to be. It was a lot of working in wire frame, accdentally cutting a face I did not mean to, deleting and starting the process again. It was actually quite diffciult but I am pleased by the result.

eggg birb
Cracked Egg

Having the two eggs, means that you can simply hide the whole one once the crack is needed to appear.

Alistair had finished colouring the scene this week, and it looks gorgeous.

It looks darker rendered on my laptop in comparison to the rendered shots on the macs

Whilst I was struggling with this, Alistair and Bradley moved on with the opening scene, calling me over and asking for my opinion, allowing me to change details, it was a very inclusive process which I greatly enjoyed. I was told that I should I should make a sun for the scene, so you could physically see the sunrise. However, it was not used in the end.


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