Over the week I attempted rigging on our models. There had been a problem with the rigging when we had tried it, in that the skeleton wasn’t bound to the skin. This meant that the controllers weren’t working for the bird. Despite my best efforts I could not get my head around the rigging. I did try many times but unfortunatley it wasn’t happening for me. Thankfully Bradley came to the rescue with the Mama Bird, and Alistair with the snake and baby birds. However, it was not smooth sailing and on Monday we had to send the rig to Alec so he could figure out what had gone wrong.

However I did not waste the weekend and did a couple of colour studies as I felt I was lacking in concept art.

We got feedback from Mike tday on our very first rendered and animated scene…of course there was a flaoting tree. We are very grateful that he caught it as we were able to start re-rendereing the scene that day after adjuexting the timing of the shot. The original shot moved qite quickly and left too long at the end of the shot for it to be interesting. With this in mind we were advised to have the camera stay at the beginning lnger so that we can focus on the title that will be added later and allow the focus to shift from the title to the Mama Bird.

We had recieved the model back from Alec, and after a lot of difficulty with resizing it and fitting it into the scene I was ready to start animating! Or so I thought. However, when we watched the animation I made we discovered that the newly rigged bird was a different colour to the bird in scene 1. Alistair and I also made slight adjustments to the enviornment in a different scene and thus my original animation was rendered useless. However I’m not annoyed because all I have to do is enter the same positions into the newly edited scene with the retextured bird.

Seaking of the new Mama bird rig, it had not been painted with the weight tool, so this job was allocated to me as Alistair did not know how to do it. This allowed me to feel a small sense of pride as I was useful in some form with the rigging process.

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