I was scared that having taken a break over Easter I would’ve lost the ease that I usually felt when drawing the warm up drawings. However, I found myself to slip easily inot the flow of the drawings. Despite this I still feel that my figures this week were a little stiff. I tried to focus on a different part of the figure in every drawing I did, however this often left my fiures looking sketchy and unfinished which was irritating because I had started settling into a smooth, curved style that added weight and depth to my figures.

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Nonetheless, I still felt proud of my drawings this week as I can see my understanding of perspective growing.

We then went on to draw our original characters for another assignment. However, I had not designed my character yet so I took this as an opportunity to  explore the poses we were drawing with different silhouettes and character designs. It was very challenging applying ideas from my head to the proportions of the life model and I feel that in a few of the drawings my perspective is off.

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Whilst the designs I came up with are fun to look at, and were enjoyable to draw, I do not feel that I shall be using any of them for my final design as they aren’t appealing to me. So for next week I am to have a basic rotation for my final character.

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