Last week was hectic. Completely mad. At times it was stressful, but honestly, I’ve never felt more useful or had more fun.

After receiving the new file with the slightly altered landscape and newly textured mama bird I began animating. I redid mama snoring first (however I haven’t made a lblast of this scene with the new bird).

The next scene I worked on was an anticipation scene. The shots cut beteween the mama Bird’s expecting gaze to the shaking eggs to create suspense, and make the snake popping out even funnier. This scene was not to difficult to do thankfully, as all I did was make the Mama Bird’s eyes wider and have her lean forward in anticipation. However I did have some trouble with the timing, having to move everything around slighlty so that it was an even movement. And so in the final cut this scene is longer, I also edited the camera so it is further away allowng you to see the mama bird breathing and to make the close up of her face more dramatic.

The next scene I shot was the close up anticipation scene. Although the movements were simple, I found that contrlling how open the eyes were was crucial to this scene. There was a fine line between anticipation and shock which we did not want to least not yet. However the most difficult part was aligning the camera. In the last scene it had not been troublesome to postion the camera, however due to the staging needed for this close up, getting the right angle proved a challenge.

This was my first attempt at antimating the shocked facial exression for the bird. As you can see she’s too abrupt, too unatural and the joke wouldn’t land if she reacted in this way. Its so stiff andmechanical that the flowing element is not there.

However, my second attempt went a lot better. We made her head recoil more naturally, adding in a folllow thorough motion as a secondary animation. We also made her eyes less open, she still looks shocked thankfully, just more organic than the previous attempt.

Alistair and I actually got into a wee disagreement about this scene. We couldn’t decide how to make the happy emote look more natural. The riginal idea was just to have her head keep still and her eyelids turn up into a smiling face. But because she does not have a mouth which connected to smiling mscles in her face this did not work, looking dead ad lack lustre. After a brief disagreement on how it should be animated we agreed that there should be a secondary motion to her head, so that her emtoion becomes clearer. Which is why she does a happy wiggle.

After Alistair had his scenes done, we set them up to render, Is truggled with the render settings but with Alistaor’s help we managed to get all the scenes rendered.

We first attempted to put the movie together in Adobe After Effects, however we came across many challenges. We would lose entire scenes, entire scenes would seed up and we couldn’t slow them down, renders would be removed from sequences. It was a big mess. However, Becca came t the rescue and taught us how to use imovie to edit our short. This worked very well and we wrapped up the main animation.

Over the weekend, Alistair and I attempted to do artwork for the final credits,unfortunatley I did not get my pieces finished in time and we used Alistair’s amazing artwork.

On Monday Alistair and I put together a presentation, we filled it with our ideas, our concept art, our inspiration, our models and our thought process. Later that night we researchedand practiced what we would say.

Before our presentation , Bradley came in and added sound to our animation using previous sound recordings from Alistaor and Nuala, as well as a royalty free soundtrack which I had scoped out. We used hapy ukulele music, we felt that it would set the tone for the bouncing, hapy animation.

(Its the first few seconds).

The feedback for our presentation and animation was mainily positive, however we were given some critiques.

We are aware that we need to add in a sky, the title and the credits. However, it was pointed out that we had not used the uncracked model of the egg, having the uncracked model of the egg would’ve fueled more anticipation so we will be sure to tweak this. Conann mentioned having spiral eyes on the snake to charm our mother bird  into relaxation, like the snake from the Jungle Book, however we thought that this might make the snake look threatening, whilst we were trying to create a cutty, fluffy story about acceptance. So because we feel that it goes against the story we are trying to tell we shall not include spiral eyes. Mike did mentioned that he wished the snake had a tail as the way it looks at the moment is slightly unatural, to which we agreed, Alistair has taken this upon himself to do. We were told you could see the eggshells when they popped off the babies bodies, however we did not understand what they meant by this and no matter how many times we replay the scene we still cannot.

We are gong to act on these critiques before our hand-in.


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