Following our feedback from last week we got to work.

Since the snake was Alistair’s model he decided to take it upon himself to model and animate a tail into the scene. I was really impressed with how it turned out as we were scared that the snakes movements would clip through the tail, however it didn’t and we rendered the scene.

We also changed the timing slightly in that scene. We allowed for a longer pause on the snake so that the audience could fully soak in what had just happened, and understand the humour of the next scene.

Whilst Alistair had been working on that I worked on our title sequence. We were looking for a font which gave the same soft, bubbly feeling that we wanted in for our animation. To set the tone of the animation.

Crewniverse Font


This font is used by Steven Universe, a kid’s cartoon directed by Rebecca Sugar. The font itself is simple, with curved edges and a white outline to create a light, bubbly effect for the words. It’s nostalgic to look at because it reminds me of my childhood (which is ironic because I discovered Steven Universe in my md teens). I also love the way that they use colours in their title sequences. The colours compliment the background palette and the pastel tones they use further softens the appearance of the text. It very pleasing to look at,

However, we eventually decided against it as we felt it wasn’t round enough to give the fat, fluffy atmosphere we were trying to create. Even with its rounded edges it was still too sharp.

Bubble Writing

We all know the text that is bubble writing, it was an artistic staple of our primary years and early high school years. I decided to experiment with some bubble writing of my own. I thought the text made it look childish and soft, and the closeness of each letter to the next was meant to represent the closeness of a family and the support system they had. However, the closeness was this font’s downfall as it made the text look uncomfortable and squashed instead.

Soft Puffy Font


This is an actual text which I found online. I thought we could download it and use it for our animation, however when I wrote the title out in the font it just didn’t look right. It was too far apart, the letters too thin, despite its childish and fun appearance it just didn’t suit the ¬†atmosphere of our animatic.



Bumbazoid is a royalty free text sent from heaven. After many hours searching the internet for that perfect text, I stumbled across this gem. The fint is designed to look like a ballon, with the capital letters even having little strings hanging off the sides of them. However, I found that if you typed in lower case the effect was a lot nicer.

We decided on Bumbazoid because they are close enough to seem familiar to each other, but not close enough so the letters look like they’re trying to suffocate each other. Its appearance is fat and soft and reminds me of a marshmallow. Its very appealing to look at and we feel it fits right in with our animation.

Trying out the different fonts with our title

Colour Palettes

Having decided on a font I went hunting for colour palettes to test with our font. Since we would be working with a purple toned background due to the lighting of the first scene. I worked around color palettes which complimented the background instead of clashing with it, taking inspiration from Steven Universe. However, we did not wish to lose the font to the background either.


This using the reds and oranges on this colour palette I did a quick colour study using the font we wished to use. Although it is a nice, complimentary colour palette, we found it a little boring. It was too mature for the light hearted, fun animation we were trying to create. It was too grown up.


Using the light pastel pinks at the beginning of this palette I did another colour study. Whilst this was a lot more pleasing to look at and it gave the text a very light, fluffy appearance, we feared we would lose it amongst the pastel purple tones of the background due to the fact that we agreed not to have an outline around our font.


Using the middle pastel yellow tones I did another colour study. Whilst these colours still complimented the purple background, they very much held their own against the background, It was clear what you were looking at without becoming overwhelmed by a clashing of colour, or too bright a combination of colours. It held just the right amount of pastel tones to be refreshing and give the text a candy-like appearance, whilst being bright enough to stand out against the background.


Another palette,another study. However it was alarmingly obvious we would not be using this colour palette for or final text. It was too strong, too harsh, it is designed to bring out passion and get the udience hyped, however we wanted a more sweet and calm atmosphere. incomparison to an angry, firey one.


This was an interesting colour palette, using the last three colours I experimented. I really enjoyed the way the colours seemed to both clash and work in harmony with each other, it was very interesting. However, it did not give that warm, fuzzy effect we were looking for and so we decided not to use it.

My experimentations with the colour palettes
My experimentation with the colour palettes


In the end we went with colour palette number 3!

I opened Photoshop and set to work on colouring the Bumbazoid text. Getting a gradient was a lot harder than I thought it would be, and I eventually asked Lydia to help me, although I’m pleased with the results.

The Family Tree Text

Here you can also see the credits which I had originally done. However, there was a problem that occured every time w tried to insert the credits, which meant we couldn’t use the Bumbazoid font for the ending credits. Thankfully the title was imported into the scene without a hitch.

Finally, Bardley added a sky and finished editing the rendered sequences together.

Here is our final animation:


This journey has been insane. If you had told me at the start of this project that I would be animating a fully rigged bird and actually understandin how I’m doing it I would’ve called you crazy. Yet here we are. Our group had its ups and downs, hwever we all pulled through in the end. I am so grateful for the modelling skills I gained out of this experinece, the small nuggests of knowledge on rigging I have scrapped together and my better understanding of how to animate, use lights and cameras on Maya. It was truly a steep learning curve, but with my amazing team behind my back we all powered through. I was honestly astunded as I found myself relatng things back to lectures that we’d had, found myself able to point out inconsistencies in camera angles and timings and actually having a helping hand in the rigging of the mama bird. This assignment really pushed me, it was stressful, I found it diffcult, but if you asked me to do it again I’d say yes in a heart beat. I found it extremely useful in terms of pushing my boundaries and coming to terms with myself as a person, I did take something personal out of this and I feel that my work in the future will really benefit from it. I want to say thank you to my amazing team; Alistair, Bradley and Nuala, we wroked well toegther, we had a good bond and toegther we made this and I’m extremely proud of us.


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